Youth Juggling Company, LLC

5905 Concord Avenue
Edina, MN 55424

Developing youth through juggling since 1994.



Television and news media have caught on to JUGHEADS and the talent, youth, inspiration and creativity that are housed in its multifaceted program. Here are a few places you may have seen JUGHEADS recently:

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Paul Arneberg shares his insights on why juggling is great for the brain on the Mathnasium 7/10/2017 radio broadcast, When It All Adds up.

JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company featured in the March 2011 Issue of MN Parent Magazine.

Paul Arneberg shares "An IJA Retrospective" in the Summer 2007 Issue of JUGGLE Magazine.

Lana featured in "A Kid's Life" in the Variety Section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Andrew & Riley appear on Sally Jessy Raphael.

JUGHEADS make front page news in the Edina Sun Current with news of their 2000 I.J.A. trip to Montreal.

JUGHEADS is featured in a two-page spread in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Juggling good for the brain, study shows - LONDON, England (Reuters)