Youth Juggling Company, LLC

5905 Concord Avenue
Edina, MN 55424

Developing youth through juggling since 1994.



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JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company is a unique program that develops creativity, fosters friendships, encourages goal setting and boosts confidence in youth from a variety of ages and backgrounds. And while all this is happening, kids become phenomenal jugglers! Paul Arneberg has been developing youth through juggling since 1994 when he started a small 10-member juggling club through a youth care program in Edina, Minnesota. JUGHEADS now has over 120 youth jugglers.

JUGHEADS 2016-17 2nd Semester (Winter/Spring) Session:
February 6, 2017 – June 2, 2017.

Clubs do not meet
on the following dates:
Feb. 20, March 27–31 (Edina Spring Break), May 9 (JJ19 1st Dress Rehearsal), May 16 (JJ19 2nd Dress Rehearsal),
May 19 (JJ19 Openning night), May 29
*** Clubs meet at Emmaus Lutheran Church (8443 2nd Ave. S., Bloomington, MN) on the following dates:
April 13, April 19–20
*** Friday Rec. meets at Christ Presbyterian Church (6901 Normandale Road, Edina, MN) on:
Friday, April 21


For our fall schedule that includes school release day camps and special events, please review the JH calendar. Our home base is St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Church (4439 W 50th St., Edina, MN 5524).

During the school year, the company of juggling clubs is divided into six (6) distinct groups that meet after school: Ultimate, Monday Rec., Elite Club, Advanced, Thursday Rec., and Friday Juggling Club. Full-day juggling camps and summer juggling camps are also offered on school-release days and during the summer.