Youth Juggling Company, LLC

5905 Concord Avenue
Edina, MN 55424

Developing youth through juggling since 1994.



Paul Arneberg has been a performer all of his life and has invested his entire career working with youth. He holds a degree in Speech-Communication with minors in Music and Theatre (U of MN ‘91) and uses his passion for communication, performance, athletics, and good virtues to develop the lives of youth.

After a life-changing summer of learning to juggle while camp counseling, Paul began managing an older childcare program of Edina Public Schools in 1992, through which he founded JUGHEADS (JH). In 2005, the company became an LLC and moved to Wooddale Church—Edina. With all-around support from Paul’s wife of 17 years, Wendy, along with coaching support from five Jughead graduates, JH spans 10 grades, produces an annual Juggle Jam, offers high school lettering, and travels to various festivals and events. In his free time, Paul enjoys date nights, running, and Christian studies.

In 1999, Paul received The Founder's Award from International Jugglers' Association (IJA) Founder Art Jennings and his committee for "capturing the spirit of Vaudeville" with the performance of the Jugheads and guest youth in the second annual Youth Showcase. Since then, JUGHEADS members have brought home 7 bronze, 2 silver, and one gold medal (2009) in the Teams and Juniors Stage Championships at IJA Festivals, plus many more in the Joggling and Numbers Championships.

Paul's Platform is a monthly feature of the JUGHEADS Journal in which he shares his heart and values underlying the JUGHEADS company.

You can contact Paul at jugheads@comcast.net.