Youth Juggling Company, LLC

5905 Concord Avenue
Edina, MN 55424

Developing youth through juggling since 1994.


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2014 SUMMER JUGGLING CAMPS: June 11–July 25.
Camp #1: June 11–13
Camp #2: June 16–20
Camp #3: June 23–27
Camp #4: June 30–July 3
Camp #5: July 7–11
Camp #6: July 14–18
Camp #7: July 21–25

The JUGHEADS Youth Juggling Company is a unique program that develops creativity, fosters friendships, encourages goal setting and boosts confidence in youth from a variety of ages and backgrounds. And while all this is happening, kids become phenomenal jugglers! Paul Arneberg has been developing youth through juggling since 1994 when he started a small 10-member juggling club through a youth care program in Edina, Minnesota. JUGHEADS now has over 140 youth jugglers.

During the school year, the company of juggling clubs is divided into six (6) distinct groups that meet after school: Ultimate, Monday Rec., Elite Club, Advanced, Thursday Rec., and Friday Juggling Club. Full-day juggling camps and summer juggling camps are also offered on school-release days and during the summer.

All clubs and camps meet at Wooddale Church-Edina, 5532 Wooddale Ave., Edina, MN. Park in the church lot, enter Door 5 and take a right at the bottom of the stairs. [getting to Jugheads]